HIPAA compliance is changing in 2023. New ways of working in the healthcare industry, the migration to digital, and evolving technologies have driven updates to the HIPAA privacy rule, set to take effect in 2023. But it’s not just the official rules that have changed; it’s also the approach to compliance.
If the evolution of HIPAA is necessary, then a shift in mindset is also necessary. Healthcare organizations must protect PHI (protected health information) and continue building trust with their patients, which they can do with the proper considerations.
Steve Rutkovitz discussed the upcoming changes and how to discuss HIPAA changes with your clients.
Key points that were covered:
  • Convergence of HIPAA Security and Privacy
  • Workforce Training: Phishing and Cyber-Awareness
  • Incorporating Cybersecurity Best Practices with 405(d)
  • The Importance of Remediation and Implementation
  • Responding to an Incident: How to Get Yourself Ready
To ensure HIPAA compliance for this year, it’s imperative that you understand the upcoming changes to HIPAA regulations, incorporate cybersecurity best practices, and prepare your workforce to identify threats. The right HIPAA compliance solution helps you prepare with SRAs, automated reminders, workforce training, and more.