Why Choice Cyber Solutions?

The Choice Cyber Solutions team comprises industry experts who are passionate about their work, have excelled in their field, and have an extensive background in compliance and governance. Our team delivers a full range of skill-sets to meet your needs up and down the compliance stack, including strategic, project professionals, and tactical specialists.

Their combined years of experience support businesses across the globe. This group of talented professionals has been responsible for the satisfaction, retention, and growth of our base of clients since our inception.


Steve Rutkovitz founded Choice Technologies as a VAR in 1995. In 2007 Steve started pivoting the company’s direction into the MSP model, and in 2009 security and compliance services were introduced, propelling the company’s transformation into an MSSP in 2012.

Because there was no structured approach to compliance and security within the SMB market (which still holds today) and because our clients had, and have, justifiable concerns over increasing security threats, government compliance audits, and mandates from regulatory bodies (e.g., HIPAA and PCI), Steve realized it was time for the industry to stop “winging it.” In 2016 Choice CyberSecurity® (CCS) was born to step up to the industry’s challenges and provide structured security and compliance services that MSPs wanted and their clients needed and deserved.

Today, Choice CyberSecurity is now Choice Cyber Solutions and continues to evolve based on each new technology that’s introduced, each new threat to security that must be overcome, and each new regulatory compliance mandate that must be met by the clients we serve


We are entrepreneurial, transparent, positive and selfless. We believe that
strong core values are the foundation for creating an environment that
benefits and enriches our partner, our clients and our team.

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