Webinar: Let’s talk CMMC

Steve Rutkovitz familiarized attendees with ways to dive into CMMC. Curious – or confused – about the ongoing changes to CMMC? Uncertain how – and when – your clients (or your organization) will have to comply with this emerging compliance. You’re not alone. Compliance frameworks – especially CMMC – are ever-changing, adding complexity to your security structure. Here at Choice, we keep our fingers on the pulse of these updates, and we’re here to support you in your ongoing compliance journey. View the Recording

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Webinar: Learn to Speak Compliance

Steve Rutkowitz familiarized attendees with ways to dive into Compliance with your clients. He will provide a foundation that will lead to more conversations on selling and making money thru education and real examples. This is a baseline webinar for anyone that wants to learn the compliance journey and create a path for additional revenue using Compliance. Future webinars will explore each vertical. View the Recording

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