Your Compliance Roadmap To Peace Of Mind

Our one-of-a-kind process helps you cross the compliance finish line faster than you thought possible and then keeps you there


Evaluate gaps and vulnerabilities


Industry-leading risk assessments evaluate each client’s unique vulnerabilities with a “360°-view” of network security and regulatory compliance gaps.


Meet Compliance and Security Goals


A remediation game-plan led by our team of experts dedicated to hardening network security and ensuring audit readiness.


Continuous Proactive Services


Maintain Regulatory Compliance & Security standards with proactive products and services that keep you from falling behind in a constantly changing environment.


Our industry-leading Risk Assessment offers unparalleled insight into systems,
compliance controls, sensitive data, and workflow in order to uncover vulnerabilities
and provide a roadmap for remediations.

What emerges from the thorough risk assessment:

The first step toward compliance and security that every business needsRemediations Game Plan customized to your specific environment, data, systems,
and compliance requirements that ranks risks by severity and efficiency

Executive Summary—an invaluable blueprint to target, prioritize, and address trouble
areas while propelling your business toward the highest level of protection and
bringing your company up to an acceptable level of risk and compliance.

Benefits of a Risk Assessment

Vulnerability Scans

Vulnerability Scans include both External and Internal Scans. External scans look for holes that could allow outsiders to access your network. Internal Scans give us the complete picture of your current vulnerabilities. 

Data Scans

Uncovers and analyzes the flow of sensitive data (i.e.PII and ePHI, CUI) both at-rest and in-motion such as customer, financial, and personnel data that can potentially be compromised

Network Infrastructure Discovery

A thorough analysis of computer hardware, software, and cloud-based applications to ensure that systems are protected and secure.

Control Framework(s)

Establish a compliance baseline with a thorough questionnaire broken down to control categories and review of existing compliance policies and procedures to serve as a baseline for future proof of compliance management.


This often-overlooked portion of the assessment surveys team members about their day-to-day sensitive data, technology,  control, and security practices.

Risk Assessment Brochure

Our trusted compliance services ensure you meet both your local and global
regulatory needs and provide customized support to keep you informed of
the evolving regulatory requirements impacting your business.

Compliance is constantly evolving and requires specialized knowledge and
skillsets in a variety of areas. By aligning technology, training, policies and
procedures with regulatory requirements and guidelines, your company can
achieve full compliance. We provide a customized team of experts based on
your needs

Continuous Compliance Benefits

Dedicated Compliance Officer

Choice Cyber Solutions will conduct company-wide compliance education services to ensure that all employees understand and implement necessary policies and procedures.

Policy Development & Maintenance

Our policy customization process involves reviewing any current policies belonging to the organization. We will then compare the provided information to what is necessary to meet your compliance requirements.

Remediation Project Management

Our team will assist in security and compliance-related remediation project management. This service equips you with a dedicated project manager who manages all the compliance remediation. We assist in developing the project plan with your team and the implementation coordination. 

Compliance Control Management

The Choice team will conduct correspondence with the organization’s HR and IT teams to incorporate the necessary decisions. Our policies are customized for each client’s needs according to the information provided and compliance requirements. 

Continuous Compliance Services Brochure

Until now, this type of monitoring has typically been very
cost-prohibitive to small and medium-sized companies.
Meeting these expectations shouldn’t be cost-prohibitive,
which is why we’ve built a cutting-edge solution that works
for small and medium-sized companies, as well as MSPs
expanding their security and compliance services with clients.

Security is never one-and done

Benefits of Security as a Service (SECaaS)


Constantly identify and secure software vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit.

Sensitive Data

Quickly detect data leaks across your network, encrypt against exfiltration, and provide data audit logs to meet compliance.

& Logging

Continually watch for abnormal behavior with compliance-friendly 24/7 logging and alerts.

Security as a Service Brochure

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